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How to Get an ATM Installed in Your Business

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How to Get an ATM Installed in Your Business


Imagine walking into a business and being greeted with an ATM right in the lobby. What would that do to your perception of that business? Would you feel more welcomed? Would you feel that it is a well-organized, trustworthy establishment? Probably so. As a business owner, there are many decisions you have to make when developing a company image. One decision is whether or not an ATM should be placed in your building for all of your customers to use. Having an ATM in your business can help bring in more people and keep them around longer because they know there’s quick access to cash if they need it.


An ATM may seem like a large investment — both financially and time-wise — but the return on that investment will come from new customers. If you’re not sure you want to shell out the money for an ATM we offer Free ATM Placement. Contact us to see if you qualify for our program.


Is an ATM a good idea for your business?


You need to decide whether or not this addition will benefit your customers. Here are some facts to help you make that decision:


• People like ATMs. 80% of adults in North America use an ATM at least twice per month. If they’re not using an ATM in your business, then they’ll be using it elsewhere — like down the street at their local bank, grocery store, pharmacy or other business.


• 60-80% of ATM users visit a business within two weeks after having used an ATM at that location! Customers who use the ATM while visiting your establishment could become loyal customers if you give them great service and products. The more customers stick around, the better chance you have at moving in rankings on search engines for your business type.


• People like cash. Have you ever gone out to eat and wondered why your server didn’t provide change for a $20 bill? Since 2003, many places have stopped providing these small perks that come from paying with cash — but customers still want them! Without the security of quick access to cash, people may choose to go elsewhere where they feel more comfortable having both options, credit cards and cash. The ATM can help benefit your business by giving your customers a resource when their cash is low or non-existent. If you don’t currently have an ATM in your business, look into adding one today! You’ll see an increase in profits as well as customer loyalty.


Having said all this. Here are a few business types that ATMs do well in. The list of course in endless but these are the most common places you will find an ATM:


  • Grocery Store
  • Convenient Store
  • Music Venues
  • Bar
  • Laundry Mat
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Gas Stations
  • Any business that has games of any sort. Pool tables, video poker, etc.

Where are you going to put an ATM?


Although you can put an ATM just about anywhere there are a few things you need to think about before you place the ATM.


  • Visibility of the ATM for your customers.
  • Security of the location. You want to stay away from windows and doors.
  • The quality of the floor. The ATM is going to be bolted down so you need to make sure the floor you’re installing on is safe and sturdy.
  • A place that is well lit and safe. Customers want to feel like they are safe when getting cash from an ATM.

Do you want to buy or have a partner?


Owning your own ATM isn’t hard but it can be expensive. With the average ATM costing around $2500 plus the cash needed to run the ATM, it can get pricey. If you’re concerned with the price then we offer free ATM placement for most customers. Please reach out and we can get you more information on getting a free ATM in your business. We do the work, you get paid. It’s just that easy.


In summary , having an ATM in your business will increase foot traffic by bringing existing customers back for repeat visits and bringing new customers through the doors. If you are interested please contact us to see if you are eligible to get a free ATM.


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