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Passive Income from an ATM in Your Business

How to Make Passive Income from an ATM in Your Business


Having an ATM is usually an afterthought for most businesses but in reality its a great way to make passive income to help pay your bills. An ATM takes up very little space and can generate extra cash month after month. Here are some things to think about when trying to figure out if having an ATM is right for you:


What kind of Business do you have? Here are some common businesses that could use an ATM:


  1. Bars
  2. Retail Stores
  3. Restaurants
  4. Music Venues
  5. Tattoo Shops
  6. Movie Theaters
  7. Laundry Mats
  8. Hotels


If you own any of these business types, then an ATM could be a great addition. Before purchasing an ATM there are some things to consider first:


  1. Do you want to buy an ATM?
  2. Do you want to lease an ATM?
  3. Do you want to fill the ATM with your own money?
  4. Do you want to have us fill the ATM for you?


We at Green Machine ATMs offer Free ATM Placement for most businesses and here is a quick breakdown of how it works:


  1. We install an ATM in your business.
  2. We service, fill, and maintain the ATM at no cost to you.
  3. We pay you a percentage of the ATM income every month.
  4. We do the work, you get paid.
  5. All at no cost to you!


If you’re interested in making passive income from having an ATM in our business or if you have more questions about purchasing an ATM or applying for our Free ATM program please reach out to us here.


Have even more questions about ATMS? Check out or send us an email at!



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